Vinyl Tile/Plank Flooring

Our Vinyl Installations include; Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP), Luxury Vinyl Floor Tiles (LVT) and Vinyl Composition Tiles (VCT). We are well experienced in installing these flooring options and are also highly qualified in Vinyl Installation on stairs.

Vinyl plank/tile flooring is similar to laminate flooring in many ways with. Vinyl plank/tile flooring is a cost-effective flooring choice. Vinyl plank/tile flooring holds up well when heavy items are placed on it. Vinyl plank/tile flooring holds up without scratches from animal claws or heavy foot traffic. Vinyl flooring is not as resistant to fading as laminate flooring so if you have a lot of sunlight, furniture and area rugs may leave an area on the flooring which is darker than the exposed areas.

Vinyl plank/tile flooring is very popular because of its resistance to water. Installation of vinyl plank/tile flooring makes sense in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens where water and other liquids are often spilled on the floor. Vinyl plank/tile flooring will not warp or buckle when it encounters moisture. This material is generally smooth and 100% waterproof, making spills easy to clean without giving dust a place to hide.

Family Flooring can install vinyl plank or vinyl floor tiles in any residential or commercial location in Moose Jaw or any surrounding community.  Contact us today to discuss your vinyl flooring installation – we would be happy to meet to discuss your flooring installation needs.

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